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If you are planning to launch a new startup but frustrated about developing your platform and business strategies then we are the right choice for you at this moment. We will help you to turn your business plan into a customer friendly product/service by developing your platform and set strategies for your customers and yes everything will be within your budget.

We have developed platforms for 5+ startups.


The new containers inside the Section called Wraps gives you a freedom to create more advanced and astonishing content. See them in action.


Spend less time on finding the items you need. Use a search tool or tabs to navigate between them. Icon’s images helps to recognize items.


Improved performance and speed. Reduced transfered and saved data.


Better readability thanks to the new, clear layout, graphics and light colors.

Start with the Base Grid and choose your layout


Full width




Left sidebar


Right sidebar


Dual sidebar

20 customizable Header Styles.
Upload logos, set colors, fonts, sizes, extras and more...

iYou can use different menus on different pages of your website

Create your website with us easily and only in a week.


Build secured customer friendly e-Commerce websites


Install Woocommerce in 1 minute


Easily & quickly upload products


Control payments and earn more money


Get more clients

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Design Quality

The best theme. Easy to use, VERY AWESOME SUPPORT and well-programmed too! If you are in doubt about it just forget any concernings ...

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I must say i have bought many themes those guys really know there stuff the theme is so flexable you can do anything with just a little tweek in the ...

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My god, this has to be the best supported theme out here, i mean its like there are almost updates every day. I would give it a 10 star if i could ...

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Customer Support

Simply a joy to work with. Feel like a pro with little or no web design experience needed to use it. Well done guys ...

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Design Quality

Superb theme! So many options, and the developer gives excellent support! Thank you very much for the hard work ...

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Really great web design. Versatile, elegant, easy to use and customize, loads of options to cater for every need. I`m so happy i invested in this package ...

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Perfect for what I need - Have wasted too much money on really piss poor themes, so this theme is a help in need, and a help indeed. Quality. Thank you ...

- star2dev


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